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The StakePool Journal - Page 1 "Welcome to StakePool"

It's the birth of a new era. The once unrivaled and highly notorious ocean of Bitcoin traders and large stake holders known as WhaleClub has finally met it's match. There's a new kid in town, and this one's a force to be reckoned with. Welcome in the newest crew in the game, StakePool.
Let's not waste time on recapping the events leading up to the final breaking of WC (do your own research - hint - if you enjoy the dramatics.) This is the StakePool Journal, so in keeping with the obvious, we're here to chronicle all things StakePool. We'll start from the beginning.
StakePool is the bountiful flourishing brain-child conceived by Flibbr, the original creator and admin of WC, Swapman, and Fyrstikken (both former moderators at WC.) The split between the two groups, and the subsequent birth of StakePool began shortly after the new year. The concept was simple to begin: an open server, separate rooms for price action and sideways chatter, and very few rules. The number one principle that made StakePool stand out from other groups was a simple policy of no kicking, no banning. Traders from all walks of life are welcome to join StakePool, and there are no uppity laws to keep anyone out. Upon connecting to the TeamSpeak3 server, voice permissions are already provided. To put it briefly, if you're being obnoxious, you'll get muted. When you're ready to act like a person, your talk power will be restored. Very simple.
Another way StakePool keeps with the tradition of freedom is by eliminating unnecessary status markers that have lead to superfluous power struggles in prior groups. Three admins, a few moderators to aid in helping users and running a smooth ship if no admins are present, and just about a shitload of wayward icons, or "server groups," to allow everyone all of the spirited and semi-offensive bling they desire. Some examples include "unicorn," "420," "commie," "illuminati," "REKT," and "Ashdrake." What can you say, traders have never been the most PC-friendly people around. Where other open-groups shy away from the potentially off-color, StakePool embraces this as a freedom of expression. And who doesn't love a little debauchery?
Speaking of which, StakePool users tend to have a propensity for rektless fun. Our greatest example being a long-time member of many Bitcoin related platforms, the notorious Adam Guerbuez. It's hard not to know this guy. He's the target of constant social-media blasted accusations, of which he is thus-far completely innocent (in the bitcoin scene, of course.) Love him or hate him (though we definitely love him,) he is one hell of a fun guy to have around to get the degenerates among us rallying for bitcoin rain, socialized betting, and his latest project of 8-hour live-broadcast trading competitions.
But Adam isn't the only one spicing things up in Stakepool. Since the official first week, Stakepool devs have offered an open-sourced raffle, allowing for three lucky winners to rake in some profits entirely based off of the OKC weekly settlement price combined with a random number generator and the transaction order as it appears on the blockchain. Check out this code for the specifics on the community-conceived randomization process. Each ticket costs .01btc, and the winners split the raffles earnings for each week by 50% for 1st place, 35% for 2nd place, and 15% for 3rd place. All past results can be found linked on the raffle page.
Now that's an incredible achievement of StakePool in the short few weeks since it's opening: there are pages? Yeah, the StakePool site has made unbelievable headway with it's multitude of resources so cleanly compiled under one brand. You can check out Flibbr's chart updates in real-time, or you can look at any chart you like on the charts page, where our briliant dev forked the source code from the late Coinorama, and added features formerly unprovided by the original site, as well as improvements to the UI. FacesOfREKT has also been rebranded under the StakePool facility links. Keep in mind, this creation has only just begun. You can expect many more big things to come.
StakePool users are welcomed and encouraged to submit content to add to the compilation of StakePool resources. To get involved, connect to the TeamSpeak3 server, or the various Telegram groups.
Find out more information here on the principles under which StakePool was founded, or donate and receive the Financial Supporters swag on the TeamSpeak server.
All donations go directly to the server fund. All affiliate links associated with StakePool are accounts created under the StakePool name, so all affiliate proceeds will also go directly to the server fund. The fund is used to upgrade servers as needed, and to create more fun festivities for users to partake in.
Stay tuned for regular updates on all things StakePool!
Special shoutout to user Cloud for making it rain tonight!
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