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Is there still a working firstbits website around? /r/Bitcoin

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Support for firstbits or partial bitcoin address?

Blockchain.info used to support scanning the blockchain for instances of a bitcoin address even if only a fragment of an address was typed into the search field.
This feature has been broken for a year and unfortunately I've pretty much given up on blockchain.Info (have they maintained their site at all since they first got VC money?)
Does anyone know of an alternative blockchain scanner which can scan for partial addresses until blockchain (hopefully) decide to resume their former awesomeness??
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[WTS] 6 x 0.5g Gold & 1 x Loaded 0.1 BTC Titan Silver

Hello Everyone!
I have a few items for sale today. I believe I have priced well but if you think I am tripping send me an offer.
More Titan
Obv Titan
Rev of Golds
Shipping: US Shipping cost is a flat 4 USD, any quantity. Insurance is at additional cost and must be requested by the buyer. I have a good amount of experience shipping coins on this forum and others under the same user name (Google "lesbiancow" at your own risk!). I pack well. International shipping is at cost, please send me a PM.
Methods of Payment: Bitcoin, Other Cryptos, Google Pay (google wallet), Cash in Mail, Personal Check.
The only bitcoin address I will ask you to send to is:
Let me know if you have any questions.
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I just correctet this lame chart everyone postet lately...

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Easily recognizable way to represent a bitcoin address.

A representation of the address that can quickly indicate it has not changed sounds very useful.
When you input a bitcoin address into a form online it is very unlikely you would notice if you mistyped a character - or if something went wrong with the copy and paste. I know I always get a bit nervous hitting that submit button.
I was imagining converting the address to a hex color and displaying that in the client and in the form - then it would be trivial to glance and compare the colors and be assured that the address was unchanged.
If one color isn't distinct enough (colors too similar to be comforting) you could convert it into 4 colors from a reduced colorspace and display them in a grid.
Edit. Example: http://imgur.com/4cGgHD4
Edit2. Gbk and asdfaeou below mentioned it would be less effective for error checking and more effective for quickly discerning between addresses.
Edit3. Working example from ianp in the comments: http://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/1dwy06/easily_recognizable_way_to_represent_a_bitcoin/c9usp4b
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BTC2SMS: Send bitcoin via sms WORLD-WIDE!!! No internet or smartphone required!

Getting Started:
Text anything to the following number:
You will receive a deposit address and a confirmation code (ex. "4bdf"). You need this confirmation code to authorize your send command.
Example Commands:
This command will send your total balance to any mobile number on earth. In our example command, the recipient would be +1 222-333-4444. Even if your recipient does not have a bitcoin address, a new one will be assigned to them, much like the bitcointip bot. Once your transfer is successful, you will be deleted from our database and be treated as a new user. DO NOT INCLUDE "+" in your send command.
This command will send 0.01 to the user specified public key.
This command will return your current balance, deposit address, and confirmation code.
How do I format phone numbers to work internationally?
E.164 numbers can have a maximum of fifteen digits and should be written as follows: [country code][area code and mobile number]. DO NOT INCLUDE "+" in your send command.
For all available country codes please refer to this list: http://pastebin.com/SVKaVRwP
In the UK and many other countries internationally, local dialing requires the addition of a 0 in front of the mobile number, to use E.164 formatting, this 0 must be removed. For example, to convert the UK phone number (07999 722222) to E.164 format, one would need to add the country code (which is 44) in front of the number (447999722222).
Coming soon:
Terms of Service:
Deposits are free, 0.0075 BTC minimum. There is a flat 0.0025 BTC fee on all transfers, mining fees are included in this fee. International sms rates to the US will apply if you are using this service outside of north america or the UK, these fees are determined by your mobile service provider. 0 confirmations are required. Use this service at your own risk, all transfers are irreversible.
If there is ever an issue, the problem can be easily resolved by contacting our support email: [email protected]
Subreddit: /BTC2SMS
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bkchain.org: opensource blockchain explorer & 100% client-side webwallet (trustless)

Thought I would introduce here this project I have been working on (running live for the last 4 months).
Blockchain explorer: https://bkchain.org/btc/
Webwallet: https://bkchain.org/btc/wallet
Frontend also works as pregenerated local static .html files, just download https://github.com/bkchain/bkchain.org and open bkchain.html. That means you can review code and be sure it won't be tampered with.
Both backend and front-end 100% open source (https://github.com/bkchain)! That mean everybody can run all of it by themself. Code contributions & reviews welcome! (project is still young).
And for the more courageous, you can also host the backend yourself and make the frontend (local or hosted on the web).
Objective is to have more decentralized blockchain explorer & webwallet, that you can trust more easily (through code review and guarantee funds are in your control).
Feedback welcome!
Note/disclaimer: Still quite experimental. Please use with small amounts at first to get accustomed to it. At your own risk! (also, heard that IE10 had some problems, so IE11, Chrome or Firefox please!)
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Firstbits address lookup?

Do you know a website that (still) supports lookup of firstbits addresses? I did not find any. Also blockchain.info does not support it any more. Any idea?
PS: Firstbits refers to the first address showing up in the blockchain starting with a certain sequence (the firstbits).
Edit: I don't understand why people downvote a fully pragmatic and legit question. Since the first replies couldn't help me, this question is apparently really difficult and everything but stupid. Also note that blockchain.info's address lookup field still says it supports firstbits, whereas in fact it doesn't.
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Using physical Bitcoin as offline receive-only wallet

I don't have one yet. But would it make sense to use a physical Bitcoin as an offline wallet for e.g. savings? It it even possible?
If I'm understanding things right, the address and the public key of the physical Bitcoin are public while the private key is protected by the shiny hologram sticker. So it would theoretically be possible to send money to the coin even even add it in to a Bitcoin client as a watch-only wallet.
Has anyone ever done this?
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12-09 16:44 - 'Casascius Physical Bitcoin 5btc Coin, Version 1, 2012 ‘Error Bitnickel' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/Putin42 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 2-12min

1xCasascius 5 BTC Physical Bitcoin Coin Wallet, 2012 Issue -No actual BTC value loaded, has been previously redeemed. Hologram has beenremoved. Can be reloaded with BTC and is a great way to keep your digital investment physically safe. ~1.125in (28 mm) in diameter, weight 0.24oz (6.8g), about the size of a US quarter This is the 'true' Bitnickel featuring a silver (or nickel) tone hologram. The only nickel Casascius, and has a rare issue with green color firstbits. Manufacturer: Casascius Year: 2012 Version: 1 Denomination: 5btc ‘Error Bitnickel’ Load Year Total Created Unopened 2011 2012 651 570 2013 26 26 2014 Total 677 586 Material: Nickel over Brass Diameter: 28.5mm Thickness: 1.7mm Weight: 7.4g Country: USA Best Grade: MS-66 Released in January 2012 with the v1 hologram, they were priced at 6btc each. “Future version of the coin will have a matching silver series-2 sticker, but they’re at least a month out” -Mike Caldwell, January 14, 2012. They all seem to have signs of wear on the S,I,N,E,R, and I of the ‘Vires In Numeris’ motto, seemingly created in the minting process. Casascius later released an unknown number of 40 coin rolls without holograms as blanks, identifying them as ‘Roll Your Own’. Such a roll came with sheets of laser cut private key tabs and solid gold colored stickers allowing the buyer to create their own coins by using either the provided private keys or by inserting their own. This sale was likely done due to excess stock of Bitnickels.
Casascius Physical Bitcoin 5btc Coin, Version 1, 2012 ‘Error Bitnickel
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: Putin42
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Off the fence

EDIT: Only too late did I realize that Reddit limits usernames to 20 characters, and so my attempt to have a valid bitcoin address failed. I'll just go back to using my old one I_REAP_ACTS, with maybe a firstbits signature.
I've been following bitcoin for a while now, from the initial "Who the hell would waste their CPU cycles looking for hashes that start with zeros" to the "Holy crap those things are worth $30. I'm an idiot." to the "So they made it back to $2.50, they'll never see $5.00" to the "So they made it back to $5.00, they'll never see $10" And so forth.
I've tried some very casual mining just to see how it worked (made .01BTC in just over a week!), answered a question or two here, to taking some entry level cryptography classes. All in all, it's been fun.
But enough is enough. I'm going to start buying some coin, albeit slowly, selling some things for coin (or trying to) and generally taking a less passive involvement in the whole arena.
I just wanted to say thanks, and happy Bitcoining!
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Smartbit: Australias first and fastest Blockchain Explorer

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Bitcoin adress as reddit flair

Theymos, this is for you!
It's not uncommon you guys want to be able to tip (and be tipped) for making great comments and contributions on sites such as reddit.
One easy way to implement this would be that everyone here could get an bitcoin public key (aka adress) as reddit flair on this subreddit, and thusly not have to whore it out in a comment.
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Easiest way to give someone an address?

Say I want to ask someone for money in BTC. Let's say we're in meat-space and I just want to give them an address. Is there a way to do that that doesn't involve me remembering or transmitting electronically a 25-digit code?
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Bitcoin Scams

Bitcoin Scamming
As we all know there are many disasters all over the world. What if someone has a vanity bitcoin address that begins with 1RedCross. Then they go around saying donate bitcoins to the Red Cross to help the victims of insert disaster here.
Then the kind people tip a little bit. What they don't know is the person they are giving bitcoins to is just a random guy with a RedCross address pretending to work for them.
One man for himself out there. Protect yourself.
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Help Numisalis Physical Bitcoin get off the ground

Hey everyone! I just started an Indiegogo campaign to get my company, Numisalis, off the ground. I want to make a physical bitcoin that addresses many of the issues I see in the physical bitcoin market.
Indiegogo campaign
Numisalis web site
The overarching issue I see is that physical bitcoin are not tradable. They are collector's items, they are non-durable, or they are both. Here is a list of problems and what I am doing to resolve them:
I have been involved with Bitcoin for over 2 1/2 years. I am a huge advocate and I think the protocol is pretty great as it is. But I also believe physical bitcoin is valuable and extremely healthy for the bitcoin ecosystem.
I have a friend who purchased a bitcoin from me. He asked if he could just take one of my Casascius coins. I told him it would cost him a lot more than he paid me. He is a programmer but does not want to manage his own digital assets and I really can't blame him. This project is a response to that situation. I want people like him to have a reasonable option for making physical transactions.
Why am I doing an Indiegogo campaign for fiat? I thought about fundraising with bitcoin. I don't mind the "hassle" of converting bitcoin to fiat to pay suppliers who don't take bitcoin, but delayed payment does not work well with bitcoin. If the price drops and I can't pay for supplies and the project is sidelined that is not fair to my customers. If the price spikes I don't think it is fair to my customers if I profit off my luck at their expense. Bitcoin is great for instant payment. But not delayed payment. When the campaign is over and I will only take orders through my website I will only take payment in bitcoin.
Aren't you worried about what happened with Casascius and FinCen? FinCen deals with money laundering. I will not be charging your coins with bitcoin for you. I will be taking payment for a cold storage solution. I will provide a script for creating a proper transaction to charge the coins I sent, but you will be charging them with your own bitcoin.
Why do I need to raise money? Why not just take orders? There is a large up front cost when producing plastics. This campaign takes care of that and the costs of the first run of coins. Once that is complete everything will run as orders from my website.
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Getting Women Naked *and* Empowered through Bitcoin

Before I get started, if you haven't seen it yet, please check out the video (NSFW) I made for the Girls Gone Bitcoin bounty
I have to say that I don't agree with the direction GGBTC is heading. I think that in order for this project to continue being successful, we need to make it a welcoming, sex-positive environment for a broader range of women. We women don't just want to trade bitcoin for cash, or buy lingerie and lipstick. We want to be empowered, entrepreneurial contributors to a beautiful economic explosion of awesomeness.
We need bitcoin to come full circle...stretch its legs and set new boundaries. I propose creating a new subreddit that encompasses a "by the women, for the women" philosophy (men welcome too of course). In addition to gorgeous nude photography for micro-payments, we can share bitcoin educational videos, women's health issues, support bitcoin micro-business ideas through donations, and even raise funds for causes such as Breast Cancer, etc. Neither stripcoin nor pimps further the progression of women's empowerment, so we need to be careful about branding.
I'm personally interested in making the following sexy educational videos:
And thoughts/ideas/feedback? Much appreciated! xo
And because I hate to disappoint
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Feasibility of building "domain name" system for bitcoin addresses?

I know there's already Namecoin, and I'm not talking about that. More the other way around.
Right now, bitcoin addresses look like 1Dppo7cT8jAiTp1K8A7jgwaN4Fft8KxVrk. And while you can use QR codes to make them a little bit more digestible in SOME scenarios, the long addresses are just extremely user unfriendly. Copying and pasting from one website to another & verifying it's the right address means going "uh...alright, one dee pee seven cee oh jay... screw it close enough." God forbid you ever had to read one over the telephone.
Would it be feasbile to build something where people can make deposits to, say, "sub-name.name.com" and then the software can query and find out what the actual deposit address is behind-the-scenes? Ideally, the owner of the domain name could change what address the name points to.
Is this a thing that exists? Should someone build it?
I'm someone who works in the technology training field and imho, bitcoin is still way too hard for the average person to use. Yes they could/should learn, but if you all want this to succeed it needs as low a barrier of entry as possible.
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Sent btc from wallet to exchange 2 full days ago, never arrived and not in blockchain

So I sent a small fraction of a bitcoin from bitcoin-qt to Poloniex over 48 hours ago as of this posting. I've verified that it was sent to the correct address. On my wallet that transaction still shows as 0 of 6 confirmations, and the blockchain explorer gives me a "firstbits not found" when I search for the tx ID. Anyone know what I've done and how to fix it?
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[WTS/WTT] 2013 Lealana 0.10 Silver Physical Bitcoin (Funded, black label, MS69, #676)

[WTS/WTT] 2013 Lealana 0.10 Silver Physical Bitcoin (Funded, black label, MS69, #676)
Asking 0.15BTC or cash equivalent based on gdax/coinbase pricing at time of sale.
Will consider trades!
Payment via Crypto (btc, ltc, eth), GW, and PayPal FF (Goods and Services not available because PayPal is cracking down on sales of cryptocurrency; even the physical kind).
Verify funds on the coin here: https://www.walletexplorer.com/address/1BTCMMVg9LuUMmWuZUsdJNFqnEnFzU5LPV?from_firstbits=1BTCMMVg
If purchasing, ships overnight USPS Express for free.
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Does anyone have any experience with ASIC-ARMORY?

I found this new site : http://asic-armory.com/ their prices seem really good... is it too good to be true? does anyone have experience buying from this company?
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newbie here - is there a url shortern like service for bitcoin?

other than qr codes, why arent public keys shortened to something easier to pass around?
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My first BitCoin miner! VLOG #1 Are Your Coins Loaded/Funded?  What are First Bits?  Bitcoin Basics How to BUY your FIRST BITCOIN Step by Step! - YouTube How Does Bitcoin Work? - YouTube Bitcoin Mining- First Payout  EpicReviewGuys CC - YouTube

The First Bitcoin (COIN:BIT) cryptocurrency has a current supply of 20,707,629,255 BIT. It is currently trading on LIVECOIN.net with its explorer at www.explorer.bitcf.net. See: https ... Firstbits is generally considered to be a bad idea because it encourages transaction spam. This position is held by most, if not all, of Bitcoin developers. "transaction spam" is not a generally accepted meaningful term - any transaction is legitimate. Certainly such a strong claim that presumes to speak on behalf of "most or all of the devs ... I learned about bitcoin before, but stuff like this, The Bitcoin Standard (Ammous) and a lot more made it really click. The more I read, the more I learned, the more convinced I got Bitcoin will survive, thrive, grow and become a lot bigger for decades to come. And what you see as recent highs, will be like $4 per bitcoin once looks now.. Cheap, wish I had bought! Every bitcoin for less than ... Firstbits enourages Bitcoin users to generate addresses with “interesting” firstbits and “claim” them by sending a transaction to those addresses just to make sure they make it into the blockchain, similar to the practice of “domain squatting”, or registering short domain names on the internet with the aim of selling them later at a profit. This increases blockchain bloat, meaning ... Wissenswertes über Bitcoins Unser Bitcoin Chart zeigt Ihnen den aktuellen Bitcoin Kurs in Euro (Kürzel: BTC und XBT) sowie die Bitcoin Kursentwicklung (Bitcoincharts).Wenn Sie Bitcoins kaufen möchten, können Sie sich hier anmelden.In unseren Bitcoin.de FAQs und in unserem Tutorial "Mein erster Bitcoin" erfahren Sie, wie Sie Bitcoins verkaufen oder kaufen können.

[index] [50077] [11717] [23220] [31569] [26168] [6386] [26912] [1666] [46] [41967]

My first BitCoin miner! VLOG #1

After two months of Bitcoin mining with our Bitmain Antminer- http://bit.ly/AntMiner we finally get our first payout. But re-doing the math I can see where w... My BitCoin mining operation & fixing cooling problems w/ 3D printer - Duration: 11:44. Barnacules Nerdgasm 390,492 views. 11:44. Radio Hacking: Cars, Hardware, and more! Buy your First BITCOIN at Coinbase - http://geni.us/Z0vhym Learn how to purchase (buy) your first Bitcoin so you can start investing in the Cryptocurrency an... In this episode of Bitcoin Basics, we talk about First Bits, what they are and showcase a "real-world" example to put it all in action. For those interested in potentially investing in a Physical ... if you like it please send bitcoin or bitcent tips to btc.to/45n firstbits 1cefdx 1CEFDXmJJZrg2Cf5zfdRKFQe52UWqM1tGZ.